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Best Adult Halloween Costumes for 2021

October means the start of fall and all the ghouls and goblins, witches, and werewolves come out to play on All-Hallows Eve. It is a time when you can truly be anything you want to be. That is why we feel that it is time to discover the best adult Halloween costumes for 2020 so that you can truly make a statement at this year’s party.

Clueless Cher Costume Women’s Costume

clueless cher halloween costume

In “Clueless” the young girls were totally Beverly Hills material. They understood style and what to do in every situation. This Cher costume includes a jacket, skirt, tank top with attached sweater front, and a pair of stockings to help you look the part this Halloween. See more =>

Grease T-Birds Women’s Costume

womens grease t-birds jacket

Remember the cool leather jackets that were worn by the T-birds? This costume includes a jacket just like the ones the cool kids wore. You can accessorize it the way you want to and it will be sure to make an impression on those around you. Buy it now =>

Women’s Fantasy Mermaid Costume

mermaid costume for adults

Why not take on the role of sea siren and wear a mermaid costume this year? The mermaid is a mythical creature that epitomizes beauty, grace, and sex appeal. You can have it all with this costume that includes a bra top, pants, and a hair ornament. More details here =>

The Deluxe Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume

suicide squad harley quinn costume

With this costume, you can take on all of the goons who may be out on a night like Halloween. It is a costume that includes a jacket/shirt, shorts, belt, and fishnet tights that are just like the ones worn by Harley Quinn. Do you have what it takes to seriously kick butt like she did? See Price =>

A League of Their Own “Dottie” Costume

a league of their own costume

As a member of the First American Girls baseball team, Dottie and the rest of her team had to be full of spunk and “lady-like” both on the field and off. That is what makes this costume so much fun. The costume includes the dress baseball uniform, the hat, a belt, and socks, but you can add many other fun accessories to it. See more here =>

Authentic Marty McFly Jacket

marty mcfly costume for adults

One of the coolest things about “Back to the Future II” was Marty McFly’s jacket. You can now own and enjoy an authentic jacket that is made with waffle style fabric and a faux leather collar and sleeves. There is also a box that attaches to the ribbed waist. It lights up and says two different movie quotes. Check Price =>

Forest Gump Costume

forrest gump costume

Life can truly be like a box of chocolate on Halloween and you can play the part if you want to. This costume includes the suit jacket and pants as well as the shirt. You can accessorize it the way you want to from there and show off your southern charm. Buy it now =>

Deluxe Pennywise Costume

pennywise costume

Clowns are supposed to be silly characters, but most are seen as terrifyingly fun. That is why this deluxe costume could be so impressive this Halloween. It comes with everything you need, including the jumpsuit, vest, collar, gloves, and a mask with hair attached to it. Check the Price =>

Dark Mad Hatter Costume

dark mad hatter costume for adults

The Mad Hatter is one freaky looking guy who has a sense of humor to match it. You can play the part well if you have the right costume. This men’s costume includes the “10/31” price tag card, jacket, vest, pants, top hat, bow tie, splat shoe covers, and fingerless gloves so that you can be as “Mad as the Hatter”. More details here =>

Ace Ventura Tutu Costume

ace ventura tutu costume

Can you wear a tutu as proudly as Ace Ventura can? If so, this costume could be ideal for you this year. Included in the costume set is the shirt, shorts, tutu, and a wig. All you have to do is bring the laughter to your Halloween party. Buy it now =>