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DIY Homemade Poison Ivy Costume

Are you wanting to look as hot as Kim Kardashian in a Poison Ivy costume for Halloween this year but these sexy Poison Ivy costumes are a little out of your budget? Or maybe you prefer to do it yourself opposed to the out of the box costume to avoid matching the rest of the girls going for the same look? We are here to show you how to make the ultimate Poison Ivy Halloween costume.

Step 1: Pick Your Poison Ivy Costume Base

Depending on what look your going for and how revealing you want to be, you can go with a green body suit or leotard by itself (with or without a skirt over it), or just a short green dress would work. Find something in your closet, hit up your local thrift stores, or you can always head to Amazon and get something like the photo below.

how to make a poison ivy costume


Step 2: Add Leaves

Pick up some fake green ivy leaves or garland at a local craft store, or again on you can get some here on Amazon, and add them to your base. You can get creative here, whether you want to cover your costume completely by hot gluing the leaves directly on or you can just wrap the garland around. Check out some ideas on Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing!

Step 3: Accessorize with Tights and Gloves

Green gloves and tights will complete the costume. Long green gloves to your elbows might be harder to find but you can always dye them. The color of the green tights will depend on your body suit, but if your suit is a light green then go with a darker green tight. If the suit is a dark green, go with something lighter. Again, there are tons of options and colors on Amazon so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding these.

Step 4: Shoes

We wouldn’t recommend buying new shoes for just one occasion. For this costume, you could pair it with red, green or even nude heels. If you don’t already have them in your closet, see if you can borrow from a friend or pick up from a thrift shop. Another option is to find a pair of tall boots you can spray paint green.

Step 5: Hair 

There is always the option of dying your hair red, but we recommend just picking up a wig for the occasion.

how to make a poison ivy costume

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poison ivy wig


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Step 6: Finish the Look with Mask or Makeup

You are just about done! You can finish the look by creating an eye mask like in photo above. You can do this by picking up a cat mask and glueing on some leaves (hopefully you have some leftover). Another option is to set your look off with some glittery eye makeup. Accentuate your eyes with green to make them pop and add some sparkle.

Your Poison Ivy costume is complete! Of course everyone that reaches this point will end with a different product and that’s the beauty of creativity. Always head to Pinterest for some inspiration if you need it. Hit up the craft stores in your town to see what you can find. And if you decided that this is just too much work for you, go ahead and check out our selection of Poison Ivy costumes here like the one pictured below.

poison ivy costume

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