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Everything You Need to Know For a St Patricks Day Party

Preparing for a St. Patty’s Day themed party takes a lot more planning than just tossing a splash of green on everything and calling it a day. Sure, green, green, green is going to be your theme of the day but St Patricks Day is more than just a color. Its about a culture, history and traditions and you should incorporate those into your party to make it a truly memorable one and really give your guests a St. Patricks Day to remember. And of course, plenty of booze will help!

St. Patricks Day Outfits

sexy leprechaun costume

If there is one thing that screams St Patty’s Day, its all about the outfit of course! Its all about who dressed the best, and don’t forget, you open the doors for pinching from every person at the party if you don’t wear green. If you are the host, then it is expected that you go all out. Ladies, a sexy Leprechaun costume is just the ticket. And men? We got you covered too…check out the huge selection of leprechaun costumes, including the hats, beards and all the fun stuff. If there is a contest…you’re sure to win! In fact, you might want to make sure there is a contest with a big prize 😉

St. Patrick’s Day Party Food


Sure, you could add some clovers and green food coloring to your cookies and cupcakes and call it a day, but why not include some traditional Irish delights into your St Patrick’s Day party menu? Depending on your guests and the amount of people planning to attend, why not try some Irish Stew, corned beef and cabbage or always a fan favorite, bangers and mash. You can find plenty of recipe ideas with just a quick Google search.

Irish Desserts


I didn’t say skip the desserts altogether, but how about trying an authentic Irish dessert? Try an Apple Amber, Irish Curd Cake, or even some savory Guinness Cake? You have Google which opens the doors to just about any recipe in the world. Get creative! Check out Irish Dessert Recipes 1 and European Cuisines for a variety of Irish dessert recipes.

St Patrick’s Day Drinks

irish drinks

Yes, we all know the one reason everyone goes out on this holiday is to get completely obliterated and not feel guilty about it. Maybe just a little regretful the next morning. I don’t think anyone will really complain about the kind of alcohol you have at the party as long as there is alcohol. Guinness, the traditional Irish beer, is always a good idea. You can also opt for green food coloring in the drinks for some fun. For cocktails, why not mix up something fruity and green like this Shamrocker? Of course, you could always go with an Irish Coffee or you could get really wild…Irish Car Bombs for everyone!

St Patty’s Day Music

For the full St Patricks Day vibe, you will need the right tunes. Unfortunately, Britney Spears and Justin Bieber just won’t cut it for this party. Play some traditional Irish music, which you can easily find plenty of playlists on YouTube or iTunes. If that’s not really your thing, you could even opt for albums of your favorite Irish bands or musicians. Its your call!