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English Nanny & Chimney Sweep

You can now be everyone’s favorite nanny with just a spoonful of sugar and one these popular Mary Poppins costumes this Halloween. She can fly, she has a number of tricks up her sleeve, she loves to dress up. It’s the perfect attire, especially if you are looking for the perfect couples costumes. All you need is a sidekick to be your special Chimney Sweeper…because every English Nanny has her own Chimney Sweep with her at all times. Besides, every man looks sexy with a little soot on his nose. You can jump into pictures, ride magical carousels, sing and dance upon the rooftops or just go trick-or-treating together, perhaps winning the Cutest Couple Costume contest. So why wouldn’t you pick this lovely set?

Mary Poppins Costume

mary poppins costume

This English Nanny costume comes with the white shirt front with attached bow tie, gray poplin elastic waist skirt and long sleeve jacket, and black velour hat. Boots and gloves not included.

Chimney Sweep Bert Costume


This sexy Chimney Sweet costume comes with black elastic waisted pin-striped pants with ties around the knees, a shirt-vest combo, red bandana scarf and the black poplin cap. Also available in plus size.