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Three (3) Breasted Woman DIY Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes are all about one-upping your friends at the biggest Halloween Party of the year and that means exploiting the latest trending story. This year that would definitely have to be the 3 Breasted Woman without a doubt. This girl made news headlines all over the globe by posting a selfie in a shimmering pink bikini top. Now normally a girl in a bikini selfie would not make the news, but this girl stole the limelight for another reason. She has 3 boobs! Well…in the picture anyways. It’s been a heated debate on whether this 3 breasted woman really was blessed with an extra lady part or if she is just really great at photoshop. Either way, she earned herself all kinds of media attention and is now making headway for one of the most popular Halloween costumes for 2014!

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three boob woman costume

Before your friends stake their claim, shop now to create your own 3-Breasted Woman Halloween Costume! All you need are 2 set of these Super Drooper Boobs glued together, some shiny pink fabric to cover them, and a black wig that can be found practically anywhere. You can also get them here!

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DIY 3 Breasted Woman Costume

Super Drooper Boobs

3 breasted woman costume

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Plus This Black Wig!

black wig 3 breasted woman

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Try This Pink Fabric

pink fabric 3 boob woman costume

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…and POOF! You’re the Three Breasted Woman!

three boob woman costume