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Top Halloween Movies to Make You Scream

Halloween is just around the corner and you know what that means! A full month of scary Halloween movies nearly every night. Most people choose to visit a good haunted house or masquerade ball, but I always love a good excuse for a gory, horror flick which is maybe why I love Halloween so much. I much prefer to leave the peacock costume in my closet, throw on some sweatpants, pop a bag of popcorn and watch an entire scary movie marathon of my favorites. Fright night at its finest. So, which movies will be on your movie lineup to watch in October? I already know which ones will be on mine!

Top 10 Halloween Movies

1. Halloween H2O: Duuuh…you can’t let Halloween pass you by without watching the classic scary Halloween movie. There are so many of these now that I’m going with my favorite and not the original. Maybe that’s because the original is before my time – sorry mom and dad. It could also be because it has the best cast. Hello Josh Hartnett! I also can’t help but love me some Michelle Williams too. She is lovely.

2. Scream: Although I am a fan of all of the Scream movies, the original Scream was by far the best and I make a point to watch it every single year, if not multiple times a year. This was the first of the high school horror movie trend and Neve Campbell was a serious bad @ss. Still so sad we had to see Drew Barrymore make an exit so soon though. What a rip off.

3. I Know What You Did Last Summer: So this is probably my favorite horror movie of all time. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Philippe and Freddie Prinze Jr? I mean this has to be the best cast EVER! The sequel is pretty awesome too.

4. Urban Legends: there is just something about those teen horror flicks but this is another epic horror movie. This one always stuck with me and to this day I’m too scared to flash my lights at anyone in the car and I always check my backseat when I get in. Another great cast with Rebecca Gayheart, Joshua Jackson, Tara Reid and Jared Leto looking sexier than ever. This will be in the lineup for sure.

5. Sleepy Hallow: Is it even Halloween without a Headless Horseman? I love everything about this movie, from the storyline to the costume design and the movie setting. It’s just beautiful, if you can call a scary movie beautiful. Christina Ricci and Johnny Depp have an amazing chemistry and Tim Burton amazes me for the hundredth time.

6. The Ring: this might be one of the scariest movies ever. This bone-chilling flick never fails to have me completely jumping out of my seat and then regretting watching it as I lie alone in bed at night trying to fall asleep. But I still watch it every year because it is sooooo goooood.

7. Amityville Horror: Another one that has me scared to look at my clock when I wake up in the middle of the night because it might just be the same time as the previous night and obviously that would mean my house is haunted. The fact that it stems from a true story fascinates me and scares me that much more. Oh and Ryan Reynolds is dead sexy. Literally…

8. Sixth Sense: This is one of those movies that has become a true classic and will forever rank high up on the lists of scary movies. It keeps me jumping, all the while wondering how Haley Joel Osment turned out so odd. I guess that’s how all child stars turn out anyway.

9. IT: Oh Pennywise. What is it about creepy dolls and clowns? That damn clown still haunts my dreams and I’m pretty sure a large portion of the population. This was such a great movie though and a superior cast. I have to admit I haven’t watched it in a while, but I’m due for a viewing and adding it to my marathon this year.

10. HOCUS POCUS: Ok so this may not be scary NOW but I found it pretty scary as a kid. And we all know that no Halloween is complete without watching Hocus Pocus at least 3 times! It’s kind of hard to miss when its on TV almost every night anyways. Oh how I love those Sanderson Sisters and little Thora Birch!