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7 Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas To Show Your Love This Year

Valentine’s Day is a day for sharing something special with the one you love. It is a day dedicated to those special moments in a couple’s life together. A day to express your love. Often though, people feel that their love for one another is more than a box of chocolates or a dozen roses. For those people, they should look for more creative ideas. Here are some of the best creative Valentine’s Day ideas for you to consider or perhaps add to and make them even more special for you and your love.

Go On A Picnic

creative valentines day ideas picnic

Nothing says romance like a romantic picnic for two. Perhaps you should choose a place that is near a lake or in a park that the two of you visited on a first date. Bring some flowers, a bottle of champagne, and some chocolates for dessert. Take a nap, read a book and just enjoy each others company. It can be a walk down memory lane for you both to enjoy.

Take a Drive

Sometimes, in a relationship we forget to enjoy the little things. Why not fill your gas creative valentines day ideas tank and simply drive. Before you leave, choose a direction and write out the turns you will take. Do not look at a map first. Just plan to start out going right from your driveway and say you will travel through 5 lights before you turn left and then another 6 lights before you turn right. When you run out of turns you will be at your destination. With any luck at all, you will be a long ways from home and have the freedom to relax and perhaps have that picnic.

Give to Others

What better way to show your love as a couple than to give love to others? You two may volunteer at a nursing home for a day, give a valentine gift to a stranger you meet, or give a plate of warm food to a homeless man. This is an easy way for the two of you to spend time together and show others that love does exist.

A Romantic Movie Marathon

Agree to spend the day simply watching movies together. Even if you two are not fans of romance, you can choose a comedy or a horror flick. The important part is that you dedicate your entire day to cuddling on the couch watching TV and talking to one another.

A Homemade Valentine

creative valentines day ideas Before the big day comes, reach an agreement with your lover that all gifts must be homemade whether it is food or items. Cards must be handmade and chocolates must be baked by the giver. It is a great way to put a little more effort into the relationship and laugh over the homemade gifts while you each enjoy that the other put so much effort into it.

Make it Last

Celebrating Valentines does not have to be a one day thing. You can start celebrating on February 1 if you want to. Just do a little something each day to show your love. A balloon on the first day, a favorite love song the next, a flower the next. If you are creative enough, you could make it into a game kind of like the 12 days of Christmas. Give her 7 Hershey kisses or write, “I Love You” in 5 different languages.

Relive the Memories

If you and your partner have been together for years, you can create a poster or a scrapbook depicting various parts of your relationship. Include photos, ticket stubs, drawings, stickers, and more to remind your partner of that first date or any other thing of importance in your relationship.

Valentine’s Day is a great way to express your love. By getting creative with it, you are showing your partner that you are not afraid to put for the effort to keep your love going strong. Are you up for the challenge?