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Having Fun with Creepy Doll Makeup on Halloween

For Halloween, a lot of people, especially teenagers and young adults, choose to just change the appearance of their face and body instead of investing in a Halloween costume. This is especially true for those looking for last minute Halloween costumes. However, some individuals actually use the scary face makeup to go along with their Halloween costume, especially if they are working a haunted house and getting into the whole Halloween vibe. However you decide to dress up this Halloween, there are a number of options available for you to look scary and have a good time as well.

For example, the makeup section has a ton of different Halloween makeup looks for the face and body. If you are going for the devil look this Halloween, there is devil costume makeup that comes with the red base color for your face, as well as the purple and black face makeup, eye liner, brushes/sponges, and instructions on how to perfect your devilish look. The peacock costume makeup kit comes with feather, fake eyelashes to give your eyes the “peacock” look.

Besides the face, body paint costume makeup can be used to give a scary Halloween look. If you want to show a severed ear, a hole in your head, or vampire bites, there is body costume makeup that can give that affect.

One of the most popular looks for Halloween is the creepy doll. Not only is it scary, but it is really easy to do and doesn’t take a whole lot of time and money. All you need is your Halloween face makeup and your imagination.

What is Creepy Doll Makeup?

Dolls are big in horror films, so it is only right that one of the choices for a scary look at Halloween is to wear creepy doll makeup. There are several different creepy doll looks. It just depends on the type of makeup and the application. A great place to start when choosing to go with the creepy doll face is to take a look at Halloween makeup.

On a number of Halloween costumes websites, they offer face makeup for Halloween and accessories. Furthermore, a number of sites give Halloween eye makeup ideas so that not only can you choose the right eye makeup for your creepy doll look, but you will get tips on how to apply it to get the look you want.

How to Get a Basic Creepy Doll Makeup Look

There are a number of ways to apply face makeup for Halloween to get the creepy doll makeup look. One way is to purchase a Halloween face makeup kit that comes with every color that you need. Besides the foundation, you receive the eye shadow, liner, and lipstick to get the look you want.

However, to get a basic creepy doll look, you probably have everything you need in your makeup case already. The first thing you want to do is apply your foundation, and matte powder to set it, all over your face, including your lips. Since dolls have perfect, flawless skin, this is the basic look you are going for.

Next, take a white eyeliner pencil and draw a line under your lower lashes, and afterwards, take white eye shadow and go over the white eyeliner under your lower lashes. A great tip here is to wet the eye brush before applying the white eye shadow under your eyes. This will make the white eye shadow stick better and last longer.

After applying the white eye shadow under your eyes, apply another line of white eyeliner around the bottom of each eye (above your eyelashes). This will make your eye seem bigger and help with the creepy doll look of your makeup. Next step is to take a black thin eye liner pen/pencil and draw a thin line from under the white eye shadow to the outer edge of your eyes, then draw a thicker line on top of your eye. These two lines should connect at the outer edge of your eyes.

After finishing the black line around your eyes, take a brush and apply white eye shadow underneath your eyebrows, bringing it to the inner corner of your eyes. If you want a more dramatic effect with your creepy doll look, take the black thin eye liner pen/pencil and draw some lines in your eyebrows. Your next step will be to attach fake eyelashes to the black lines that you drew with your black eye liner pen/pencil under and above your eyes.

To give your eyes some color, apply pink eye shadow in the crease above the eye where there is no eye shadow. After that, take an eye lash curler and curl both the fake and your real eyelashes for curl definition and to blend both of them together. Put another line of black eye liner over the line of your fake eyelashes to give it a more “natural” look and just to blend it in. You can put on a coat of black mascara to give your lashes some volume.

For your cheeks, apply a pink blush to the apple of your cheeks, and to make some freckles, use the black eye liner pen/pencil to make dots on your cheeks. For your mouth, draw a black line, using the same black eye liner pen/pencil, from one corner to the other, and afterwards, draw little vertical lines across the line, so that they look like stitches. Next, take a lip liner in a bright color, like pink, and draw a small shape lips (like doll lips) on your own lips and then fill it in with lipstick or lip gloss. Apply a littler concealer around your “new lips” to set your makeup.

That’s it, you should have a basic creepy doll look for Halloween.

With Halloween coming soon, it is time to figure out what you want to do this year for your scary look. Whether you choose to wear a Halloween costume or just use face and body makeup for Halloween, you want a look that will not only exemplify your personality, but also creativeness and imagination.